AIPT Spring 2010 Participant Photo Contest Winners

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  • 2010 Spring Grand Prize Winner
  • 2010 Spring Professional Experience Winner
  • 2010 Spring Cultural Experience Winner
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 2010 Spring Grand Prize Winner:

 Nils Karlsson
 Washington, DC Cherry Blossoms

 2010 Spring Professional Experience Winner:

 Chun Ting Ng
 on the tarmac

 2010 Spring Cultural Experience Winner:

 Henri Ormus
 Frank LLoyd Wright Falling Water

Who can participate?
The AIPT Photo Contest is open to any exchange visitor who is currently in the United States and is participating in an AIPT program.

What kind of photographs should I submit?
This spring there will be two categories for photo submission: Cultural Experiences and Professional Experiences.
Cultural Experiences: For this category, submit your photographs that capture your American experience. Send pictures of American landmarks or scenery, or an event you participated in that is unique to America.
Professional Experiences: For this category, submit your photos that capture your professional experience in the United States. The picture can be of you using tools or equipment at your U.S. host employer or of you and your supervisor and coworkers.

What are the contest rules?
You must submit your own photo(s). You cannot submit photographs on behalf of another person. You must be present in every photograph you submit. If you are not in the photograph, it will not be considered for judging. Photographs submitted for previous AIPT contests will not be considered.
All submissions become the property of AIPT for use in any future publicity and publications. All digital images should be taken with the highest possible resolution (minimum of 1200 x 1800 pixels). Please keep individual emails under 8 MB, you may several e-mails of images if necessary. Please do not increase the resolution of an existing image as that will not increase quality. PowerPoint or slideshows presentations will not be accepted.
Include the following information with your submittals:
Your name, Your host employer's name, Title of your photograph, Description of the picture (where is it, what is it, who is with you in the picture, etc.)

How do I submit my photos?
Photographs can be submitted by email to or by standard mail to: AIPT, 10400 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 250, Columbia, MD 21044